Monday 10 December 2018

Internet Regulations & Business

These days all businesses, not just those in the technological sector, rely on an interoperable, seamless Internet ecosystem to advertise, sell or interact with their entire supply chain and sales channels. Indeed, this is crucial for helping businesses and other groups of people reap the benefits of ICT and seize further opportunities for growth, jobs and prosperity. However, certain binding public policy requirements, privacy and security among them, could end up creating laws and regulations that impose hidden restrictions on trade. Moreover, these constraints would inevitably necessitate additional regulatory planning and compliance for businesses, at the national, European and global levels – in short, everywhere.

Governments' Internet-related policies that are not timely or scalable and fail to drive innovation could deter investments in such areas as AI, IoT, cloud computing, data analytics, industrial automation, etc. Consequently, whether here in Belgium, in Europe, in the USA, in China or anywhere else, governments ought to make sure that all citizens and companies are able to realise the Internet's full potential as a platform for innovation and economic growth, namely by adopting policies that facilitate the adoption of new technologies and the global transfers of the data that drive them.

Companies, including SMEs, need to heighten their awareness of the changing legal risks associated with Internet-related business activities and the impact they can have on the development of new products and services, the deployment of marketing strategies or Belgium's or Europe's innovative competitiveness. This is vital for assessing potential liabilities and compliance requirements for your business associated with the use of new technologies as well as for evaluating how you may be affected by Internet-related policies.


- Mieke de Regt, Counsellor for Digital Single Market at the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the EU
- Alexander Heirwegh, Associate, Petillion
- Lorelien Hoet, Government Affairs Director Belux, Microsoft
- Danielle Jacobs, General Manager, Beltug
- Flip Petillion, Founder and Managing Partner, Petillion
- Jean-Jacques Sahel, Managing Director of the Brussels Office, Vice-President for Europe and Global Stakeholder Engagement, ICANN
- Bruno Schroder, National Technology Officer, Microsoft
- Claudia Selli, EU Affairs Director, AT&T

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