Anti-corruption guide for Belgian enterprises overseas

Belgium, conscious of its central position within the European Union, has been engaged for many years in the fight against corruption while doing trade, natio­nally and internationally. The fight against corruption is a priority of the Belgian Government, enshrined in the National Security Plan 2016-2019.

With this brochure, Belgium wants to raise awareness among companies doing business in international markets for goods and services, by warning them of the many risks and their consequences. It is also about providing them with practical tools and concrete examples to deal with corruption as well as possible ways to help them establish their own code of conduct. Responsible Management implies a clear distinction between allowed practices and unacceptable practices. The ma­nagement of the company must adopt a clear position on this matter.

This brochure is the result of the cooperation between the National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises established in the Federal Public Service Economy and the FPS Justice on the one hand, and the organiza­tions representing the interests of businesses in our country on the other hand, the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium and the Belgian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce.

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