Customer Contact, the Association of Belgian Contact Centers, was founded in 2004, at a time when the former call centres were evolving towards a multichannel environment.

Customer Contact
Belgian Customer Contact Association
Diamant Building
Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80
1030 Bruxelles 
T + 32 71 67 69 68
Caroline De Roose
Caroline De Roose
Foundation date 
18 full members
Total number of employees of member companies 
About 9.000
twitter: CCbelg

Caroline De Roose, President

Contact centres use not only the phone, but also email, the internet and mass media.
The contact centers are found in all major and medium-sized organisations, and are also used by many public authorities. Belgium is estimated to have some 800 contact centres.

Today some of their activities (20%) are outsourced to facilitation companies specialising in the provision of these services. These facilitation companies make up the core of the federation’s membership, i.e. its (currently 18) full members. Additionally, any contact centre or subcontractor may apply for associate membership. Accordingly, the federation promotes open and transparent communication throughout the sector.

The principal aim of the federation is to protect the interests of the sector. This involves, among other things, professionalising companies internally and enhancing the sector's image among different bodies and institutions, the general public and educational establishments. The sector employs approximately 80,000 people, including 9,000 in the facilitation centres, making welfare and social policy issues a primary focus area.

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