Synergrid represents the operators of transport and/or transmission networks for electricity or natural gas.

Federation of Electricity and Gas Operators in Belgium
Avenue Palmerston 4
1000 Bruxelles
T + 32 2 237 11 11
F + 32 2 230 44 80
Patrick Reyniers
T + 32 2 237 11 30
F + 32 2 230 44 80
Fernand Grifnée
General Secretary
Bérénice Crabs
Foundation date
Total number of employees of member companies

Fernand Grifnée, President
Bérénice Crabs , General Secretary

Network operators are an essential link between, on the one hand, energy producers, suppliers and sellers, and, on the other hand, consumers, who can freely choose their supplier. They are instrumental in ensuring open and efficient operation of the market, fair competition between market participants and a reliable supply of energy. They daily convey – in a non-discriminatory way – over 40% of the energy required by end-consumers in Belgium. They also ensure the transit, import and export of energy flows from/to other countries. To this end, in 2011 they invested nearly €1.4 billion in network development and refurbishment, in addition to one-off investments. This represents 2.5% of the total gross investments made by companies and the government in Belgium. 
Apart from operating the networks and ensuring the efficient transmission of gas and electrical power, network operators act as market facilitators and perform various public service missions relating to for example the efficient use of energy, the development of renewable energy sources and ensuring supply to disadvantaged sections of the population.

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