Febelgra is the trade association representing the Belgian graphics industry. It acts as a spokesperson for all independent companies in the printing, prepress and binding/finishing sector.

Federation of the Belgian Graphics Industry
Place du Champ de Mars 2
1050 Bruxelles
T + 32 2 680 06 68

Ann Kestens
Denis Geers
General Manager
Marc Vandenbroucke
Foundation date
330 (2021)

Denis Geers, President
Marc Vandenbroucke, Managing Director

Febelgra has over 500 member companies, whose combined workforce accounts for 65% of employment in the sector. Febelgra represents the interests and speaks on behalf of all companies in the industry, regardless of their size. It acts as an official representative in dealings with the regional, federal, European and international authorities, as well as vis-à-vis public administrations, trade unions, the media, educational establishments and NGOs. It deals with all issues of interest to the graphics industry, focusing in particular on economic, social, federal, regional and international legislation and taxation, legal and environmental issues, and promotion activities. In addition to this range of services, Febelgra offers companies customised advice on request.

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