Valipac is a service company that helps companies under legal obligations to take back industrial packaging. The core mission of Valipac is to inform companies of these obligations, attain their waste recovery and recycling targets in their name in return for fixed fees and encourage them to sort more waste more efficiently.

A non-profit organisation that manages industrial packaging waste
Avenue Reine Astrid 59, bte 11
1780 Wemmel
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Ingrid Bouchez
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F + 32 2 456 83 20
Roger Van der Linden
Managing Director 
Francis Huysman
Foundation date

Roger Van der Linden , President
Francis Huysman, Managing Director

Valipac successfully fulfils this mission, attaining a recycling rate of 89% across all its 7,200 customers, a figure clearly superior to the required minimum of 80% and among the highest in Europe. Together with the 220 waste collectors affiliated to the Valipac system, more than 35,000 companies now benefit from Valipac's financial incentives, which are designed to stimulate the selective collection of industrial packaging waste.

Valipac offers companies real added value. The WikiWasteSchemes platform (developed by Valipac) provides an overview of the legal responsibilities for packaging in the 28 EU Member States.

Valipac is also a leading player in the transition to sustainable development and a circular economy. Valipac's customers can benefit from in-depth analyses of their packaging and advice on how to improve their sustainability. At Valipac's initiative, the Go4SustainablePackaging platform offers a wealth of information on sustainable packaging.

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