Using Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications

27th October 2020

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) aims – via the Belgian Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Community (BRIEC) – to encourage cooperation on innovation in Belgium.

Innovation is critically important to the success of our enterprises. Since few companies today have the necessary knowledge or resources to innovate on their own, it is essential to join forces and encourage innovation across geographical, sectoral and business borders.

FEB seeks to drive cross-border collaboration by bringing together companies (of all sizes, be they start-ups, scale-ups or firmly established) and stakeholders from academia and research centres across Belgium to address specific societal challenges.

Our theme for this BRIEC session will be Digital as a Cross-cutting Innovation Force, more specifically Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications (From AI to IA).

The event will be take place at the VUB AI Experience Centre on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 in the afternoon.

An inspiring keynote speech given by Stijn (Stan) Christiaens, CTO of Collibra (a VUB-grown Belgian Unicorn), will be followed by four presentations of real-life case studies from Belgian businesses (Robovision, Sabca/Sirris, Port of Antwerp and I-Care).

Before the event, during the break and afterwards, attendees will have a chance to visit AI demos presented by researchers from the VUB AI Department.

As always, there are two goals: for all attendees to help each other move forward and to formulate policy recommendations in case any policy gaps or obstacles are identified during the presentations and subsequent interactive Q&A sessions.

Commercial presentations will be avoided. Instead, the focus will be on exchanging information, looking for solutions and sharing best practices and useful contacts.

Please note that, in view of the current COVID-19 situation, additional information about sanitary and distancing measures will be provided in the coming weeks.

We can already confirm, however, that the number of physical places at the venue is limited to approximately 40 individuals in order to ensure a COVID-proof environment. The keynote speech and presentations will be live-streamed in webinar format.

This means it is important that you indicate in the registration module whether you want to be attend in person or via the webinar. For those who prefer to be physically present, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once the seats are filled, registration will be closed.

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