20 - 24 April 2020

Circular Economy Bootcamp


The European Bootcamp offers a unique experience of dialogue between academic expertise and experience in the field of circular economy in Brussels and Paris 3rd week of April 2020. The complementarity between experts and lecturers from VUB, ULB and MINES ParisTech, and the variety of themes will add a unique dimension to the Bootcamp. Site visits, peer to peer exchanges and joined work on case studies will help to acquire a broad picture of this complex subject. This Bootcamp is proposed and hosted by VUB, ULB and MINES ParisTech and will alternatively take place in Brussels on VUB campus and at MINES ParisTech campus in the center of Paris.

For Whom?

Circular economy requires an interdisciplinary approach, this major topic appeals to a wide range of potential participants coming from various sectors. Company managers, employees, project manager, consultants, officials, public servants, confronted with circular economy challenges, recent graduates and current PhD students with a specific interest are welcome.


The Brussels – Paris Bootcamp will start with 2 days in Brussels to set the conceptual and theoretical scene, investigate on the question of methods and metrics, and focus on the role and possible way of the different actors to lead to the transition toward circular economy. The following days in Paris will address the interactions between innovation and real field experience both in territorial and industrial ecology on urban and construction sector, and for enterprises, in circular business models.

Nos partenaires

Domaines d'action

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